What Our Customers Say

Take it from these happy oven owners…

What Our Customers Say

  • Dave was a great help in selling us our oven and helping us plan our oven project. He provided plenty of useful tips to get the result we wanted, followed through to facilitate ordering and shipment from Forno Bravo, and gave helpful advice on the masonry work. The end result is fantastic, and we could not be happier with our oven.

    Tim Artz
    Oakton, VA
  • We couldn't be happier with our experience with Forno Bravo DC! Dave helped us through the oven selection process, including showing us some examples in person and explaining our options. The delivery was seamless, which is especially impressive considering the oven was in an 800-pound crate on a tractor trailer in a city alleyway. Dave helped us get up and running by introducing us to some great suppliers for wood, flour, and toppings and organizing awesome cooking sessions with other pizza enthusiasts. I hate to brag, but we love the feeling when friends tell us that pizza in our backyard is better than anything you can get in a restaurant!

    Richard & Katherine Caperton
    Washington, DC
  • When we were searching for a pizza oven, we came across Forno Bravo DC in a Washington Post article. They were nothing but helpful with our search. We purchased an oven from Dave, absolutely love it, and use it on a regular basis. Thanks, Dave!

    Edie Hunter
    Ashburn, VA
  • Dave - Thanks once again for all your help with my Primavera. I am thrilled with it. The heat retention is unbelievable. The oven is still warm enough to bake a loaf of bread the morning after pizza making. It gets to temp in only 20 minutes -- that's faster than my normal oven. I don't believe I've ever bought anything that has lived up to its name quite like this oven. I'm looking for new ways to use it other than just pizza! I would love to get in contact with the folks at Forno Bravo who built it to say thanks.

    Bradley Lowenstein
  • We enjoy cooking and decided to purchase a wood-fired oven so we could make authentic pizza. While researching what was available, we contacted Dave Konstantin and found him to be very helpful. He was happy to provide us with information and answered our questions both before and after we purchased our Forno Bravo oven. This support didn't stop when the oven was delivered, but continued well beyond delivery. We recently moved our oven to a new location. During this move, the oven finish was slightly damaged. Dave very quickly got us the materials needed to fix the oven. The service Dave provided has been exceptionally helpful from the very beginning.

    John B.
    Germantown, MD
  • Dave was great in not only helping me through the purchase of my oven, but convincing me that my dream was a reasonable reality. I was excited but cautious about the transaction because of its cost and unknown practicality. He turned out to be 100% correct: it's a fantastic addition to my home and social life. I use the oven so much my wife thinks I spend more time with it than with my family. Thanks, Dave, for nudging me in the right direction!

    Esteban Gergely
    Washington, DC
  • Dave was of tremendous help in buying my pizza oven. Unlike other companies I considered, Dave and Forno Bravo DC were local, well-informed, and a very helpful ally in the selection, building, and use of my oven. Before my purchase he showed me his own oven, and invited me to a get-together of wood-burning-oven owners. I had an instant set of experts who gave me great insight on all aspects pizza-making. Dave also offered terrific advice on selecting the right oven and deciding where best to build it. He referred me to a skilled mason who did an excellent job with the installation. I use my oven constantly (and year-round) for pizza, bread, and many other foods. I even cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner in it! In short, I love it and highly recommend Forno Bravo DC.

    Marco DeVito
    Herndon, VA
  • My Neapolitan husband and I had always longed for our own pizza oven. We were very diligent in looking at models from various companies, and found Forno Bravo to be superior in both quality and value. Before our purchase, Dave Konstantin at Forno Bravo DC was always available to help us with questions or concerns, and during installation helped see our project through to completion. Thanks to him, we were eating delicious pizza from our beautiful oven much sooner than expected. Dave also invited us to a DC Elite Pizza club event, where we met wonderful people who share our love of wood-fired cooking. We could never have done this so successfully without the help and dedication of Dave and Forno Bravo DC. Grazie!

    Belynda Sulmonte
    Thurmont, MD